Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"We taught the latino elders how to play football!"

April 27,2015

This week seemed so long to me, but it was a good week!

Monday for our activity we taught the latino elders how to play football Haha! That was pretty funny to watch. They can’t understand the rules or why we have rules too well, but it was a lot of fun! 

Tuesday we finally got in to teach Fernando, our baptism fetcha that fell through. But, It’s all good, we have a new one now! He has just gotta start coming to church. It’s always fun to teach him because his little brother is a member and always quizzes him to test him. His brother is solid. 

Wednesday was walking all day, no lessons, but at 8 we taught Fernando again! He told us his story that he received an answer that the church is true and his prayers were answered. The lesson was on the atonement and chastity because he has a girlfriend and his younger brother ratted him out when he wasn't there. Haha! He didn't look like he wanted to follow the ley de castidad but he said he will do his best... we have a cita with him today so we will see how he’s doing. 

Wednesday we had only contacting so we didn't even get one lesson in because everyone was busy or so they said. Haha! Anyhow, we were walking and saw this group of kids by the water and we went over and saw one of them had an alligator on his fishing line! Haha! It was like, 4 feet long and they were trying to lasso the mouth and bring it up on the bank but it broke the line. Haha! It was so funny to watch. 

Friday we taught Alfonso who I’ve been teaching since my first day here and he doesn't want to get baptized, he just likes to talk. But we taught him anyway. He has cancer and has had a change of heart and wants to be baptized but his health is bad so he can’t to go church. He just lays in a hammock all day, so we are going to keep teaching him so his testimony will grow so he will except it when he dies.

Saturday, we taught a hermano who doesn't go to church because he doesn't like a guy there. But he knows a lot about the church! It’s crazy, but he has a lot of drinking problems and it’s hard to find him sober. 

Sunday we taught the primary! which is always fun. Haha! I had a little girl sitting next to me complaining about how her sister is so bad for not paying attention. Haha! She went on forever! It was cute and funny.


Elder Harding
 Riding the bus on our way to conference
My friends from the ccm who are now serving in Trinidad.

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