Sunday, April 3, 2016

"We are planning a wedding"

Elder Mell and I right after a down pour
Zone selfie

March 28, 2016

Sorry I haven’t been writing this letter regularly... haha, I’ll try to do better! But things are going really well with the work. We have been visiting hermana Sonia whose boyfriend is a member but less active and we  have activated him. His name is hermano Jaime... and guess what? We are planning a wedding!!! She has a testimony super strong and they will be getting married the 9th of April and baptized the 16th of April!! We are working on giving Jaime the priesthood so he can baptize her! 

We also have hermana Noelia who will be baptized the 23rd of April! We have been teaching her and her dad but her dad is scared to get baptized because he is scared of his wife who hates us... haha, we don’t know why. She wont talk to us. But, Noelia said one day, “You guys are right, I am going to make my own decision. I am 22 years old and will decide my own life! So she accepted baptism, it was a super cool lesson!! 

We also are visiting the Parada family and they are awesome!! They have came the church 2 times now. Mostly because they have a 10 year old boy and a 7 year old girl who LOVE the church and if they don’t go, their kids get mad! Haha, so they said they will come every week!! We will be trying to set a baptism date with them soon!!  So that’s whats been going on over here and we are doing really well right now. This Sunday we had 6 investigators in church and we both had to give talks, haha! It was pretty cool!!

"They were so pumped"

My companion, Elder Mayaute and me in our new area.

March 7, 2016

So this week was a crazy week haha..... and  a little scary.. so first
we have two fetchas, hermana Dolores who’s baptismal date is for a month from now
because her work won’t let her go to church. The other is hermano
Blanco who is super cool, he just has worries about his family not
excepting the church but we are working with his wife. And then we also have a family,
Parada who came to church this Sunday! Haha! They are so funny and were
super happy to be there! The father kept saying to every person he saw
“Hi! This is my first time here! Hi! This is my first time here!” Haha!
They were so pumped up to be at church! And their kids loved primary! So
hopefully they will come back!

So, this is the story of the week... mom don’t freak out, it was a freak
accident and everyone is okay. So my companion was on a motorcycle in
front of mine (we have to take motorcycle taxi’s) and we were on our way to a lesson when we crossed into an intersection and another moto crossed and hit my companion’s moto! My companion went flying off. I just off my moto and started running to the family that wrecked into him because there was a woman and a baby and my companion was able to get up and run over too. Luckily, everyone was okay. Then the

crowd starts rolling in taking pictures so we dipped out of there after and my comp took like 5 steps and says, “Elder Harding I can’t walk now, it hurts.” He had fallen on his tail bone. We then called a taxi and went to the house. Later we went to the clinic and got x rays and everything was okay! He is just a little sore but we are still working!