Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"I never ran so fast in my life!"

April 20, 2015
Oh man, what a good week!! So, fishing... we didn't catch anything but it was still a bunch of fun and it was just what I needed! It was relaxing and awesome. I’ll send pictures after this! Oh, and there is a promise that if you read the Libro de Mormon in Spanish, when you finish you will be fluent in that language so I've started that and I'm now able to read without using my English scriptures, it’s awesome!

So Monday was the day of fishing and man, was that fun! It was a pretty spot to fish too! Later that day we had our weekly noche de hogar with familia Elsa. 

Tuesday my whole zone went to Trinidad for a conference with Elder Christopher Waddell de the seventy. We flew there and worked with the other elders in the area at night and oh, we ate alligator! It was so good! I fell in love with Trinidad, I want to serve there so bad! Haha! Its beautiful. There are so many guys from my ccm group that serve there. Wednesday was the conference and it was so good! My favorite part was when Elder Waddell said that if members and investigators aren't reading the Book of Mormon and are only reading the bible they cant be converted to the fullness of the gospel because the Book of Mormon is the fullness of the gospel! This was perfect because we have a menos activo who won’t read the book of mormon. Thursday was traveling back to Guayaramerin! Haha! Our last flight was crazy rough. The plane would just start dropping and all the people on the plane would scream. Haha! Elder Wertz threw up. That was so funny to me, he filled up three bags! I didn't get sick! 

Friday, we visited with the menos activo who won’t read the book of mormon and shared what Elder Waddell said and showed her a picture of him and challenged her to read it. Now she’s super stoked to read the Book of Mormon! Saturday we didn't have a lessons, but we had 3 blessings that day! Haha! I then received a call as I was going to bed that I had to talk in church the next morning, I was like, “What the crap?!” So on  Sunday I was all ready for my talk and rushed to get stuff together then we were missing stuff for the sacrament and we started super late so I ended up not having to give my talk. I was ready too!! Oh well. 

Oh, and one night we went to go check our spot where we measure the water to see how much it raises everyday. And freaking holy crap! We didn't have a light and we see this huge black thing, and it runs in the water, and there was a huge splash! Man, I never ran so fast in my life! It was a alligator! A huge one! My companion said by the time he thought to run, I was already down the street! Haha! It scared us so bad and a lady nearby said to watch out they have alligators all over outside her house! 


Elder harding

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