Thursday, April 16, 2015

"We are going FISHING!"

April 13, 2015

So you’ll never guess our zone activity for today? We are going
FISHING! I’m so stoked for it! Someone found a spot where its safe to
fish, so we get to go now! Finally!

So Monday I ended up getting my package mom! Thank you so much I
missed sunflower seeds and peanut butter! And cliff bars! Haha.. it is
all so good! Sadly the dog whistle doesn’t work very well. It does
every now and then. Haha! I also bought a hammock that I sleep in
because the mattresses have bugs and crap in them and I'm sick of
getting eaten alive haha! 

Tuesday was a long day of walking but we finally got in a lesson with a new investigator. Familia Martinez. The husband is a preacher for the evangelist church here and he is
actually interested and not wanting to bible bash! He is always
saying, “Yeah! Amen!” Haha, he's awesome. We are also teaching the
director of the catholic school here so its pretty cool how we are
teaching “important people” here. 

Wednesday we have been looking for a
menos activo and he live on the very border of our area and his house
isn’t even a house its just a roof. He says he gets alligators around his
house a lot. He is super cool and he is so humble. Whenever he sees us, even if he is leaving, he always turns back and goes to his house so he can listen to
us teach him. He is so awesome! Oh, and that night all of Guayaramerin had a black out.There was no power and it was so freaking dark! And there was no moon so
it was pretty much pitch black. 

Thursday, I solved a conflict that has
been in our house… haha! Elder Wertz wants “jesus sandals” and
everyone keeps asking where in the bible does it say what type of
shoes he wore or is it just in the movies! Haha, so I was reading in the
book of John and in John 1:27 it talks about his shoes and in the
footnotes it says “strapped sandals” haha! So Elder Wertz was so happy!

Friday was COLES WEDDING DAY! So of course I wore his tie in honor of Cole and Whitney’s special day! Everyone I talked to said, “whoa bonita corbata!” Haha, but it was a good day. We taught a familia and it was a great spiritual lesson but
the hermano had a cheek full of coca leaves haha, so maybe the word of
wisdom is next. 

Saturday we visited a Hermana and she is super stressed and has a million problems so we helped for what we could and shared some scriptures. Sunday was district conference and wow there were a lot of good talks given!


Elder Harding

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