Sunday, April 5, 2015

"It's been a solid week!"

March 30, 2015

It’s been a solid week! Monday, we had a noche de hogar con familia Guasanave. Not many people showed up, but it was still a great lesson. Tuesday, we had a lesson with familia Bonilla, it’s been a long time since we visited them! The lesson was great its just frustrating because they think its hard to pray everyday haha. I don't understand but I guess it would be if you weren’t raised in a church. Wednesday were cambios I'm still in my same area with my new companion. He finishes his mission after the next cambio so I think I’ll be here for a long time. We taught a recent convert Michael Vaca, and asked him if he wants to serve a mission and he said, “Oh I'm going to serve a mission! haha eso!” He's the best. Thursday we had been trying to visit Fran and his wife because she isn't a member and he's a menos activo and she is super interested. so during the lesson we got a baptism fetch for her! The first one in my area in a long time!! We were so pumped for her! She thinks its super funny to talk fast so I can’t understand haha, but she's awesome! Friday we only got in one lesson. Literally, everyone was in their house and they were drunk! Gosh, we were tracking and we talked to 5 drunk people in like 20 minutes. And here, when you shake their hand and you realize they are drunk you have to jerk your hand out of theirs because they wont let go and its annoying...  Saturday, we had to stop working at 5 because there were elections but, we got in one lesson with a new menos activo we found. He has a strong testimony, only it’s been so long since he has been  to church that he lost the routine and he has drinking problems. Sunday was elections and we couldn’t leave the house so it was a super boring day! We've also had a huge storm and everything is flooded again!

Love Elder Harding
 My best Latino friend was transferred, I was sad to see him go.
 The floods are back after a huge storm.
 The capybara live along the banks of the rivers in Bolivia.
Elder Wertz, he reminds me of Cole, hahaha!

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