Thursday, March 26, 2015

"This whole town was flooded!"

March 23, 2015

This week was another weird and crazy week! We also had a couple close calls with dogs.... really close calls!
Monday my companion and I cleaned the bathroom and holy crap, that thing has literally never been cleaned, it was disgusting! 

But it was Tuesday was when things got crazy. We were doing service and I got a call that I had an hour to be ready to catch a flight to Santa Cruz!  So we hopped on motos and ran to the house to get my things, ran to the airport and luckily I made my flight. I flew from Riberalta which is an hour away. then flew to Trinidad and then to Santa Cruz it was crazy! I had to go for immigration and got no heads up! So on Wednesday I saw guys from my ccm group in Santa Cruz which was so awesome! It was sweet talking to them in Spanish. We spent the whole morning in a office doing finger printing and paperwork and at about noon we were finished so we were all able to chill out in the mission offices which is always fun. Then at 3:00 Presidente showed up and asked if we could have a meeting with him. I was the last to have a meeting and it was good I did because in my area we have little to no one to teach and it’s super difficult and frustrating so Presidente helped me out and gave me a list to work with its so cool! And then he told Elder Buma to take me and the guys out side to Burger King!! Oh man, it was awesome! I didn't realize how we literally have nothing in my area and Santa Cruz has everything!! Thursday I was traveling back to my area and I landed in Trinidad and didn't have a ticket to my area and so I had to go fix the problem and find a way to get a ticket!

 Friday was back to work! We have a new investigator! He has a super mean dog though, and it hates us. They have to tie it up because it tried to attack us... but Saturday was absolutely crazy!!!! It was raining like normal and we left the house to go to a service project and there were motos everywhere and we were like, “what the heck?” “Another fight?” And then ambulances came! So we start walking and found that all of our area was flooded!!!! The canal that goes through the middle of town got backed up and this whole town was flooded!! So we started going to our families houses to see if they were okay and the whole town was waist deep!! It was nuts! We found that everyone was okay and the water ended up draining into the giant river after about 4 hours. 

Sunday was a good day, we taught a new familia and they are full of questions. Well, the daughter is.. she has very sincere questions and the dad had attacking questions, so it’s difficult at times, but we answer them the best we can. 


Elder Harding

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