Sunday, March 8, 2015

"It felt so good to sit on couches!"

March 2, 2015

Haha, yeah, I've heard about the river overflowing. The river in my area is super high it gets higher every day but we are fine right now. If  it gets too high they will just move us to a different area. but dang max thats some crazy stuff with the toenail but awesome! Did he save it? 

This week was kind of crazy.. 
Monday was a good day, we taught a less active family and shared a video called together forever and it went really well. They ended up coming to church this week!
Tuesday we taught one of our contacts, he wasn't listening but his wife was super interested and was listening really well. We are trying to go back to visit but its hard I’ll explain a little later. That night we had a noche de lugar with Presidente Cali and he has an amazing family! And he has couches!!!! It felt so good to sit on couches!!! I felt like I was in the states! Wednesday was the crazy day. My companion got a call that they had messed up his date for going home and he found out he might be leaving the next day. I was like, “What the crap am I supposed to do!” So that day was nuts with a lot of time on the phone. Thursday he found out he was going to Santa Cruz Friday then home the next day. So we spent the day visiting families he wanted to say “goodbye” to. On Friday I saw him off and I am now in a trio with Elder Wertz and Elder Zuniga the other elders in my house. It’s so hard now because we have my area and theirs to cover. That is a lot of ground to cover but we are doing out best! I have to say, It’s been awesome teaching with them. We all work really well together! Saturday we had an activity for the young men and they got together to play soccer. Their leader never does anything and of course didn't show up so we bought them drinks and stuff. It turned out to be a good activity. Sunday we taught priesthood and were teaching about priesthood blessings and one guy asked for a blessing so he could have the strength to be more obedient and be more worthy. He asked me to give it, so that was really cool. That night we taught a guy who had read a little of the Book of Mormon and had questions so we taught him and answered all his questions. Overall, it was a really good week!


Elder Harding
 Goodbye to Elder Valle
 Elder Valle and I with my new companions, Elder Zuniga and Elder Wertz
Breaking the fast

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