Sunday, March 15, 2015

"I found a goat nice enough to take a picture with!"

March 9, 2015

I spent the week with my two companions getting used to two areas. Monday, we taught  an hermano and he's a great investigator. His wife is a member but he isn't. We are so happy we have a baptism date for him! This is great news, now we just have to get him to get up in the morning and make it to church! Tuesday was inter cambios so our district leader Elder Sira spent the day with Elder Zuniga and I. Elder Sira is an awesome missionary. I learned so much from him! Also we had a guy come with us because he's leaving on a mission in a week. It was a good experience because had the opportunity to give his first priesthood blessing! it was really cool because the baby was sick and wouldn't stop crying and the second after the blessing, the baby stopped and was looking up at us and was smiling and laughing and was happy!! Wednesday we taught the word of wisdom to a menos activo because we saw him drinking one day... He tells us he doesn't drink at all so we will just have to keep teaching... We also had a noche de hogar with familia and we shared experiences about how the gospel blessed our lives and we asked the hermana to share and she started crying and said how she has been angry with God but after hearing to us she realized how God has been here all along and she needs to change her views. It was a great experience. Thursday was another word of wisdom lesson because one hermano looked hung over. During the lesson his wife mentioned his dad had an alcohol problem and coca problem hinting to us that the husband had problems. So at the end of the lesson I asked if he had problems with any of these things and he wasn't going to say anything but his wife just through him under the bus and said, “Yeah, he drinks coffee, tea, alcohol, he does coca and he smokes. So we were just like, “dang”… I think we will  be working with him on one thing at a time. Friday was a good day because I finally found a goat nice enough to take a picture with! The whole day was a lot of contacting. Saturday we taught a police officer who is menos activo. At first he was so serious but we got him trust us and now he's super nice and is actually really funny. He has a lot of crazy stories too! Sunday I taught all of the 3rd hour to the men in the branch. I was pretty nervous but it turned out fine. And, we found a huge iguana and I got a picture with that too! 
Today we went to Riberalta and had a zone on zone soccer game it was a lot of fun. I got two goals! haha!


Elder Harding
friendly goats are hard to come by

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