Sunday, March 1, 2015

"I couldn't help myself"

February 23, 2015

So, lock down was so boring!!! After the first day I was thinking, “How on earth am I going to survive this!!!” I read a bit out of the Book of Mormon but I can’t read all day! So Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were carnival! To keep myself entertained I bought water balloons and I had tricked every elder into getting them alone one by one and then attacked them with water balloons!!! It was awesome! Haha! Our house is a two story house and we sat on the balcony and watched everyone attack each other on the street with water balloons, paint, and eggs. It was so funny to watch! I can see why we couldn't go out because walking around in white shirts and ties… we would get destroyed! There was this huge gang of motos and we counted literally 123 motos in the group! They would ride around and destroy people with stuff! The last day they finally saw us up high on our balcony and we were just sitting there and all of a sudden Elder Cardnas gets hit with poop!! Literally poop!! Oh man, I was laughing so hard and then I get hit with paint! And then came all the eggs! We hid out in the house the rest of the time, haha. On the last day I couldn't help myself… so our pention came to give us food. We took the food and from above then I started chucking water balloons at her and her husband! Haha! They are really cool and laughed about it! But she said, “Just wait until you’re in your white shirt Elder Harding! 

So finally on Wednesday we got to go teach again! We were super excited to get out of the house thinking everyone would be worn out from carnival and they would be home but we didn't get in one lesson, no one was home... it was a long day of contacting. Thursday we taught a menos activo familia and it was great because the whole family was there and usually its only half and everyone was super happy! It was great. That night we all went  to our favorite chicken place (the place we go to celebrate things) and celebrated my three months! Friday we had a couple lessons with contacts. We taught this guy about the plan of salvation and he wasn't really listening so we had to cut it short. Saturday, we taught this guy who used to take the lessons from missionaries, his name is Alexi and he was super interested and didn’t want the lesson to end. He had a lot of questions and it was awesome so we are meeting with him again this week. That night I had a dream I got to play for centennial again against BHS and it was so cool! I miss football. Sunday we taught familia Camachu, a menos activo and talked about being examples to your family and kids and at the end of the lesson we asked her to pray because she never wants to. And she said, “umm me?” Then looked at her kids and paused and said, “yeah I would like it!” And it was a great prayer! We also had a noche de lugar con a familia and they invited all their non member friends. There were so many people it was super cool.


Elder Harding!

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