Saturday, February 14, 2015

"I realized I love the mission"

February, 14, 2015
Happy Valentines Day!

So, I found out last night president wanted us to write today since we don't get to on Monday! I don't have too much to say this week it’s been hard to teach with everyone getting ready for the big party! 

Today we went to a family’s house because one of the elders needed his laundry washed (I just use the good ole wash board now) but we were there and I don't even know this family since it isn’t my area. This little boy wanted a blessing of comfort because he was always crying in school and is very nervous about school. We had six missionaries with us and this little boy looked and me and smiled and said, “you!” So I gave him a blessing of comfort. That was super cool. So the rest of the day today we are going to be buying stuff to get ready for our 4 day lock down!

Last Monday my zone got together and made a bunch of food! It was a lot of fun and it was honestly the best thing I’ve tasted since I’ve been here! That night I had a dream that my mission was over and I was at home and I hated it! Haha! But when I woke up I was so, so happy I was still on my mission! That’s when I realized I love the mission. I just didn’t realize how much I loved it until now! Friday we were supposed to have a service project to finish the fence but the Hermano never showed up so we just walked for an hour to our pentions for lunch . So everyday that I have given a blessing, I have been prompted to check my oil and make sure I have enough. I never know why and literally every time I've checked it, I've given a blessing that day. It’s super cool. I had to give a blessing to a menos activo porque her cuerpo was hurting. Later that day we walked by these little kids and they start chanting negro y blanco! Negro y blanco! because my comp is black and I'm white so now we are “equipo oreo!” Wednesday we had a service project crazy far out into the jungle and it was in another area and the elders told us it was only a 30 min walk. Bull crap! That was a thirty minute moto ride! Haha! Afterwards we had to walk back because there are no motos out there and it took 2 hours! Haha! It was a lot of fun to see all the jungle. The rest of the day we all were dead tired but we still have a job to do and so we got to work! Thursday we did nothing, we were contactando all day and only had tiny lessons but at least we had some. Friday we had dinner as usual and despues we had a noche de hogar (family home evening) and it was really good It was with a menos activo familia who has been coming to church every Sunday! After the lesson they brought out a HUGE plate of what we call mystery rice. It’s rice with whatever they have, they mix in. Haha! I was already full from dinner but we had to eat it all and I thought I was going to throw up because of all the food! That made us late for another noche de hogar and we had a 25 minute walk to the house. On the way, we passed this little boy just balling and crying and it was dark and I told my companion, “We need to go talk to him.” We asked what was wrong and he kept saying I cant go home, I cant go home. We asked why and he said it was because his fishing line was snagged. I tried to unsnag it but I couldn’t and it was a thick line so he couldn't break it. So i saved as much line as I could and cut it was my knife and the kid just smiled at us and started sprinting for home. I was a good feeling to help him. But its kind of funny because all the missionaries ask why I always have my knife on me and I tell them you never know when you will use it. It’s a tool, not a weapon. My companion finally said he now understands Haha!


Elder Harding

 Service project
Our favorite juice bar
Heading into the jungle
 We hitched a ride after service. We were burnt!
Our PDay cooking
 A failed service project
Found saltanas!!!

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