Saturday, February 14, 2015

"I'm fine, really!"

My Machete!
February 9, 2015

So real quick mom, since your hounding me with the health questions, yes I'm all healed of the problem. Haha! Yeah, the presidents wife is our nurse and we call her if we have problems but the doctor we use is a 5 minute walk. I’m fine, really. Haha! And also, a thing of business… Just so you know, next week I won’t be writing. The reason is because it is Bolivia's big “Ole Carnival!” I hear people go absolutely nuts during carnival and we can’t leave the house for 4 days! So I can’t write next week. Our pention is super nice and said she would bring us food but only if we don’t throw water and stuff at her like the other elders did haha! They say people here go crazy and destroy everything and throw whatever they have at everyone. Water, juice, paint, chalk, you name it, and they just make a huge mess. So this should be interesting.

So, Monday I got my first haircut in the field and I was so nervous! Haha! There are just so many hair cut places you don’t know who is good or not. I guess it turned out alright. We had a family home evening that night at Hermana Elsa’s casa and we had pizza! I've missed pizza so much! Tuesday was a long day and no one was home so we just spent the day tracting and looking for menos activos on our list. Wednesday we did a huge service and cut the grass in this guys yard and it was a huge yard. We were all so tired but he owns a restaurant and he fed us after so it was awesome! It was also a slow day.Thursday was inter cambios and I was with Elder Estrada, one of my good friends here and we had a really good day! Our day was full of teaching and I had a little more responsibility that day because he came to my area so I had to lead everything and man, it felt good to have more responsibility. Friday we taught the family that helped us in the rain again and it was great! They are always so happy to see us. Saturday we had another service project and I got attacked by ants... it wasn't fun. Later that night we found a menos activo familia we have been looking for for so long!! They love missionaries and they have a picture book full of pictures of missionaries. Haha! We will definitely be working to reactivate them! Sunday I had to bless the sacrament. I was wondering why the kid next to me was laughing and when I went to bless the bread there was only half of the prayer there... so I was like, “crap, what do I do?” It was slow but I got it! And that day my companion had fat blisters so he couldn't walk so Hermana told us to stay home... that wasn't fun.. but it was a good week!

Love Elder Harding

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