Thursday, April 16, 2015

"Friday was freaking creepy"

April 6, 2015
Happy Easter!!!

This week was Semana Santa (holy week) and Easter is a week long thing here. It’s been a good week! 

Monday we had a bunch of rain so it started flooding again but it wasn't as bad this time. We had a noche de hogar con Hermana Elsa y her familia! Then after, she took us to our favorite chicken place to eat!! 

Tuesday was awesome! We went to visit Hermano Michael and his older brother answered the door and said that Michael wasn’t there but that he wants to be baptised! So we were like, heck yeah lets go! So we taught him and he said he has had the same dream 6 times where he said he watches his soul leave his body over and over again. So he’s scared to death about his soul, so we have been teaching him. 

Wednesday we taught he and his brother Michael again and they are so freaking funny together! Since Fernando had had one lesson, he thinks he knows more than Michael who is a member, so they like have a competition and when one answers a question they just look at each other its hilarious haha! 

Thursday was a slow day but we had a noche de hogar con Presidente Cali and his familia and they took us to eat pollo again, haha! 

Friday was freaking creepy. So, it’s Holy Week and Friday at midnight I was woken up by crazy loud drums out side our house and no one else was awake so I was like, “what the crap!” and looked outside.... and all I saw was a bunch of red devils! Here, this pueblo or people dress up like red devils and go around at midnight and make people hold these two by fours above their heads and dance. Then when the people start to slow down or try to stop they whip them with their whips and make them keep going and it literally looks like everyone is worshiping the devil! It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen! 

Saturday was conferencia!! We didn't get it in English so I had to watch it in Spanish. I picked up most of it but missed a lot so today I'm downloading all the talks onto a flash drive so I can listen in English! Sunday was conferencia too so after we had our tradicion con familia inavoldez and had a noche do hogar and talked about the story of almas hijo! 

Love Elder Harding
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