Sunday, May 10, 2015

"It was a day of no work"

May 4, 2015
Hola everyone!

So for skype mom, I'm not sure what time Sunday I’ll call but I’ll be calling you Saturday to tell you what time for sure so be ready! 

So Monday was a normal day. We had our usual noche de hogar with Hermana Elsa. Tuesday we had a lesson with Fernando! He’s doing good and is excited for baptism! We just have to make sure he comes to church... 

Wednesday, we had a lesson with familia Martinez and hermano said he knows the Book of Mormon is true because it talks about God. This is a problem because when people say that here, it means they don’t really pray and by not praying they can’t receive their answer and personal witness and testimony of God and the Savior. So they say this and don’t really change or grow. But, he said he will pray so we will see what happens! 

Thursday, Fernando’s mom told a neighbor that told us if we baptize her son she is going to throw us a party! Haha! So when we went to teach Fernando this day his mom had food prepared for us. Haha! It is good he has his mom’s support even though she doesn't want to be baptized herself. Friday, was weird, we got a call that we couldn't leave the house unless we had firm appointments. It was a day of no work here which means no one works but it is close to elections and there is a law that you can’t have a meeting with more that three people. So we ended up having only one lesson that day with Alfonsol, the guy with cancer. Saturday was only a half day of work because elections are Sunday and so we contacted all day to get more investigators because we don’t have many right now and my companion is leaving today because he is finishing his mission. His home is Argentina. Sunday was lockdown for elections so it was a long boring day Haha! 

Love Elder Harding

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