Monday, May 25, 2015

"I can be my own missionary"

May 25, 2015

This week was a solid week. I love training because I can be my own
missionary and this week we have more lessons in a week than I've ever
had! We also had one of our new baptism fetchas come to church! Her
name is Amparo and she is 15 so things are looking good for her
because she has friends in the church and goes to seminary everyday!!

On Lunes we taught Alexandra and Rodrigo and finished lesson 1, the
restoration. Now they are reading and praying for an answer. 

Martes was my official 6 months date!!!! It was also a tough day we didn't have one single lesson.... Haha, but we did a service for Presidente Cali because he
was super busy with work. 

Miercoles, Presidente Zambrano came! We had a meeting with him and I learned so much. He emphasized contacting and finding new people. And contacting is no problem for me! Its actually fun now!  I also got to go on splits with one of the
assistants to the president Elder Villafranca! We are now super good friends. he taught me so much in that one day and that day we contacted old investigators of his because he used to work in my area until the giant flood last year and now we have five new investigators! So now we are super busy! 

Jueves, we had personal meetings with presidente. I love these meetings because he helps me out so much. He told me he saw my cow pictures with me pulling it by the rope on facebook and I was thinking, “oh crap”…. Haha! But he said he thought it was hilarious. He is a super cool chill guy! 

Viernes we got stuck talking to a drunk guy which I love when this happens because you never know where the conversation is going to go. He started getting mad for no reason and we tried to get a way but he wouldn't let us. My comp is literally hiding
behind me and I'm just having a good time. The guy ended up getting frustrated and
left, haha!

Sabado we had a lesson with a very old investigator of mine and he is very interesting haha! I don’t know if we will keep teaching him. 

Domingo, dad, you'll be happy to hear I had chuño!! Haha! It was so nasty. It was
the black potatoes you’ve been telling me about. I felt like throwing up all day! Haha! I can tell you this… I will never eat those again!!!


Elder Harding

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