Sunday, June 14, 2015

"I guess I've aged on the mission"

June 1, 2015

Happy second Mother’s Day mom!! It was Mother’s Day this week in Bolivia!
This week was a pretty good week. All of our new investigators think I'm 30 years old!…. I guess I've aged on the mission haha! 

Anyway, Monday we taught familia Vasquez and they are a really good family and the kids are super obedient to their dad. we showed up and the dad called them and said to come to the house and they came right away. That never happens! haha! They are super interested and I'm excited to keep teaching them! Martes, a member, introduced me and my companion to a Chilean lady, haha! We talked for so long! She's a super nice lady and misses Chile like crazy! We also taught Fernando but be kept falling asleep! haha! 

Miercoles, we bought our pentionista a cake for Mother’s Day since she is pretty much our mother out here haha! She was so happy! 

Jueves, we taught a guy and he said he has the gift of prophets and he could be a prophet if he wanted.... yeah, he’s a bit crazy… and I broke the news to him that he is not a prophet... so I don’t think we will be visiting him any more. Haha! 

Viernes, we had to do a play thing for the mothers in the two branches here... haha! They loved see us missionaries running around being goofy. 

Saturday a lot of appointments fell through...but we taught Edwardo and told him we would be passing by early in the morning to wake him up for church, haha. And Fernando too, because I'm tired of changing their baptism dates! So Fernando was asking how many baptisms I had so I was joking around with him and said, “I have none.... but I could have one but someone doesn't want to wake up in the mornings and go to church!!” Haha! His brother was laughing so hard. So I set an alarm on his phone so he would wake up! Sunday we passed by so many peoples houses and we had 4 investigators and 5 menos activos show up! It was a good day!!

Love you all! 

Elder Harding

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