Thursday, July 23, 2015

"We've been battling bats"

July 20, 2015

So this week I was very busy. Last week I was in a trio because Elder Maldonaldo was with the zone leaders and the zone leaders went to Santa Cruz and so I had Elder Maldonaldo all week. Then the companion of Elder Flores finished his 2 years and so we were thinking, oh sweet, Elder Maldonaldo will be the trainer of Elder Flores. But not so, Presidente said he wants me to be his trainer. So I am now training two missionaries at the same time! So I’ve been busy because we are working in two areas. I like being busy, its a lot of fun. The strange thisng is, I don't have anyone in my house to speak English with so now it is only Spanish! Haha, but thats alright, it’s good. 

This week we found Fernando and he was super sad because he couldn't go to his baptism because he fell in the word of wisdom the night before... just when he has been clean for so long.... so we continue working with him. He needs a little more time. 

This week one day the whole city lost power and everything was pitch black! That was pretty crazy, haha, then, the following day we lost water! So everyone was bathing in the rivers. That was awkward. 

We have been battling bats in my house. There are a lot of bats here who live out side. and usually aren't a problem but one day we left the back door open and they came in and ate a bunch of fruit and made a huge mess! We got them out of the house and  decided to try to kill them with our sling shots but we missed. We had to leave to work and I don't know how they did it but we came home and they were in our house again!! So we have to find a better attack form.... but this week has been fun! 

Love Elder Harding

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