Saturday, July 11, 2015

"The sun is so strong here!"

June 15, 2015

So this week literally was full of no working, it was terrible! Haha!
Monday, I went to Trinidad to get my immigration updated and we didn't get there
and situated in our hotel until about 6pm and the zone in Trinidad didn't
have dinner for us so we bought an expensive dinner in the hotel and
charged it to the rooms so zona Trinidad had to pay for that! Haha!
It was honestly, like a little vacation! Haha!  We only worked during the evenings and
the people I visited were people preparing to go to the temple. It was
easy and pretty much just chatting and visiting with them and answering any questions they might have. So all in all, I spent  Monday through Thursday in Trinidad. Then Friday my companion was sick and throwing up so we
couldn't work.... I was so bummed but thats alright. 

Then Saturday, we finally got to work! But then in the morning I was in the doctor again
because I've had a rash on my body for 2 weeks and the doctor said it
was because the sun is so strong here. I’m hoping I’m not allergic to the sun
like 4 other elders have developed here. The Dr gave me cream and pills and it’s
better today it doesn't itch like crazy anymore. Later that night we had
an actividad for couples and they watched the movie “Fireproof” because
many couples here have problems and it was awesome, it turned out well.
Then the week ended with Sunday. It was a long hot day. No one was home. We only had one lesson and none of our fetchas came to church today.

Elder Harding

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