Sunday, July 12, 2015

"I'm now allergic to the sun"

July 6, 2015

Wow! So much has happened back home! Congratulations on the new baby Kevin and Jessica!!!!! Thats awesome! and congrats to Morgan! Haha! I can’t believe she’s getting engaged! 
This week was a good week! This week was spent working on the baptism Friday for Edwardo! Haha, it was awesome! We had a great turn out and the afternoon before, the others and I cooked a dinner for the baptism with some of the members! it was a great turn out and we had a lot of youth show up! The youth sang a musical number. The Sunday after, his mom showed up to church for the first time in years! we've been working with her for a long time! But Edwardo is now baptized. I forgot my camera today so i’ll send pictures when I can! More good news is Fernando did it!!!! He is all ready for baptism!! He has completely changed his life around to prepare! His baptism will be this next Saturday!! I'm so excited for him. I've worked so hard with him and almost had to quit on him but he did it, he changed his heart! 

On the down side of things I went to the doctor for my rash on my body and the doctor said I'm now allergic to the sun... because the sun is super strong here. When I break out, I am supposed to take pills for 10 days and that is supposed to stop it for a month or so. I have talked with the president’s wife and the odds are I’ll be going to Santa Cruz next combios because it’s cold there. The last 3 days have been cold here and there is no sun and my rash went away. But its not too bad, I can handle it well. It just itches. 

Love Elder Harding

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