Monday, July 13, 2015

"Patience is key here"

July 13,2015

So this week was a little weird and frustrating… This week we are in a
trio with Elder Maldonaldo because his comp finished his mission. It’s been fun working with him, hes a good guy. Now we have a fairly new investigator Yony and he is really cool. He always has good sincere questions and we had a straight up lesson with him about baptism and authority and the gift of the holy ghost. For some reason he started to get a little upset during our discussion but we taught with love and calmness. Now he understands! He is now reading the Book of Mormon and is working on receiving his answer. He gave me a lamp he made out of a wine bottle, haha! We had a baptism for Fernando Saturday and he didn’t show up. So now I’ve got to go talk with him this week and hopefully he will have the desire to be baptized this week. I’ve worked so hard with him! And he is super ready. We don’t know what happened but patience is key here, haha! As for my health..I still have the rash and its a little better. I have to make a tea  from manzanilla which is a flower and rub it on my body.  The doctor said it won’t cure it but it will control it.
I guess it works alright, I don;t really know. Other than that, not much happened this week...

Love Elder Harding
 We were so close!
 Tea for my rash made with manzanilla flower

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