Saturday, August 1, 2015

"Stay tuned, haha!"

July 27,2015

This week was a good week. We have a investigator who is on house
arrest haha. He's a really cool guy named Luis Carlos and he was in an
accident when he was drinking and killed someone. We are teaching
him and he has completely changed his life. He received a blessing
from the other elders and he has stopped drinking completely and is
super excited to get baptized. The only problem is we can’t invite him
to church or we will have problems with the police here. So he is
working on getting permission to go to church. On the down side,
Fernando still is falling in the word of wisdom and so we don't know what
more we can do. We have one more plan for him that we will teach today..
If we don’t get through to him, I don’t know, we will keep praying for him. 
I want him to change his ways, I've worked so long with him and he
was ready... but he has a girlfriend who pretty much told us she won’t
help him either.
But this week is cambios! I was thinking I'm going to leave, but
President called my companion and asked for his passport number so
maybe he will leave and not me! Haha! I have no idea what will happen…
so stay tuned haha.

Elder harding

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