Friday, September 4, 2015

"Elder Guayaramerin"

August 3, 2015

So you guys are waiting to hear about transfers... this is what happened… my companion, Elder Melo was transferred to Santa Cruz and my combio is......well..... uh still in my first area!!! haha! I didn't get transferred!! haha!! I’m now training another brand new missionary, Elder Bravo from Peru. So it looks as if i’ll be finishing this first 9 months of my mission in my first area here in Guayaramerin, haha!! I really don't mind because I really like it here and have a lot of friends. The people here are calling me “Elder Guayaramerin” hahaha, and are saying they need to change the name of my mission to Bolivia Guayaramerin. Everyone in my branch here all said how they are super happy and grateful I’m still here to work. There is usually a high turn over of missionaries and they enjoy seeing a familiar face. haha! So here I am training a new elder again and oh, I am also the new district leader too! For the work this week we started to read the Book of Mormon with Fernando and he showed up to church on Sunday! And, he brought his girlfriend which is crazy!!!!! S now I am hoping he can stay strong this month. If he does, we will baptize him at the end of the month!!! Other than that not much has happened. I've been really busy starting Elder Bravo’s training and after I got out of the trio this week I have had to find the people that I couldn't contact this week because we don’t have time to visit everyone in both areas when we are in a trio. I am really happy to have more time in my area and the opportunity to work with Fernando. haha! He is so close. 

Elder Harding

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