Friday, September 4, 2015

"Day of Bolivia"

August 10, 2015

This week was a good week! It looks like Fernando is staying strong! I've been working with him a lot and we are continuing to read the Book of Mormon with him because that is the key of conversion and gaining strength. And it is working!! He keeps saying August 22nd is the day of his baptism and he will not fall for temptation! He is reading and studying the Book of Mormon and isn't going out on Saturdays so he can control his decisions! this week we have had the “6th of August” which is the “day of Bolivia". The zone leaders heard that nothing happens on this day and that we can work as usual... (but they were so far off!) So here we are working among the millions of parties that are happening in the plazas in the middle of my area..... and Holy Crap! I cant explain how nuts it was... all the Brazilians come over (from across the river) and get drunk, dance and fight.... We had to walk through like every single party just to hide in a house of Hermano Sosa a member. We stayed there and had a 3 hour lesson! hahaha! Later we had a video night in the church so the members would have somewhere to go because the members don’t leave their houses on this day. haha! It was a very interesting experience. This did turn out to be a good week and my convert Edwardo is doing so well. He hasn’t missed a Sunday! And most of the  time he comes alone without anyone and he is passing the sacrament! 

Elder Harding

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