Thursday, January 8, 2015

Uhhhh...what now?

December 3, 2014
I had a cool little experience about prayers being answered even the small ones! So I lost my cord to plug in my camera to send pictures and my companion and I looked everywhere! We went through all my drawers and it was not there. We were praying throughout the day and after a long day of being frustrated I opened my drawer and it was sitting right on top of everything!

Here in Colombia it pretty funny because every 5 minutes there is a car alarm going off. This isn’t the best neighborhood. The flies here are giant! They are like the size of a quarter and they just sit on the outside walls! Not much has happened since I last emailed. We had our tour early because the teachers were having a Christmas party or something. After we went to the temple we changed and the bus driver took us to the spot where we do the tours and dropped us off and left. So we were sitting there like uhhhh what now? There was supposed to be a teacher to come get us but they never came! So we were wandering the streets of Bogota not knowing very little Spanish! Haha! It was fun though. We were just like a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Everyone was just staring at us. Then around 4:00, the bus driver came to get us again and then we went to a jersey shop and bought some jerseys and stuff. Oh, the hype here in the ccm is a chocolate bar called “jet bars”. In each package there are these stickers of animals and stuff. There are 300 stickers and everyone here collects them and trades them. Some people even found a way to smuggle them through the fence. It’s so funny to me. 

Our latin roommates left for their missions. It was really sad because I got really close to them. But I know they will be great missionaries.
My new roommate is Elder Nichols and his latin roommate, whom we are still waiting to arrive. We got some more Latins from Chile, Argentina and Venezuela. All the Latins are super cool. We also got 4 North American missionaries!

My Spanish is slowly improving I still struggle to understand it when people speak it but if I read it, I can pick out more words and understand it. 

Elder Harding

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