Thursday, January 29, 2015

"fat zone vs zone futbol game"

January 26, 2015

So this week was a pretty good week. Monday we brought a zone from a whole different part of our mission over to us and had a fat zone vs zone f├╣tbol game! It was so sick! And so much fun! That night we were done with our lessons and it was about 8:40 and we were ready to call it a night but we felt prompted to go see a family. So we walked to their house and the second they saw us they said their baby needs a blessing because its been sick for a while. So my companion and I gave the baby a blessing and about a week later we checked in on them and the baby was feeling much better. It was a really a great feeling. Tuesday not much happened besides me hurting my heel and I have no idea how the heck I did it. But it’s all good now. Wednesday was a really good day! We went on cambios where the zone leader and I traded companions and I went to stay in Elder Conchas house and we went and taught some families in his area. I learned so much from him! It was great! We also did service that morning and took some roofing off a guys old house because he was making a bigger one and we also made a fence for him. It was fun. So, there are dogs everywhere here and I was riding on the motorcycle taxi and out of nowhere came this dog and he is trying to bite at my ankles and the drivers ankles so we had to kick it. It freaked me out! Now I’m terrified of all the dogs here. So Wednesday I met the hermanas who were on a 4 day test run in our area to see if this area was clear for hermana missionaries but after that I never heard if they passed or not. We also met with an investigator Vernando. He wasn't feeling well so we just talked to him and left but he's excited for our next visit. Thursday we visited the lady with the sick son and we just sat and read the scriptures with him and answered questions. Friday I woke up and my companion told me I was sleep talking in Spanish last night! Haha! I was so surprised but that was pretty cool to hear! Oh, and this week Presidente Zambrano came! It is a huge deal if he comes to visit the outer parts of the mission! He had a conference with us and taught about using the holy ghost but later that day he had a meeting with all the leaders of the church out here to try to get a better order of things because the church out here is really weak. His wife also had a meeting with the pentions because all of the missionaries in my zone have gotten sick. Haha! President took us out to get a really nice lunch, it was awesome!  Sunday was a solid day. We had two lessons with a member of the church with us and we taught the teenagers in Sunday school again! Oh, and there is a certain road where there are probably 20 dogs on it and its the street my pention lives on! So we were leaving and we just hear a lot of barking and turn around to see 11 dogs running straight at us! We just start sprinting and got off the road and looked again and it turns out they were just chasing off a dog that entered their territory! Haha! That was pretty funny and scary!

Love Elder Harding
 Making Empanadas
Riding in a 3 seater motorcycle taxi
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