Thursday, January 8, 2015

"Go for it!"

December 12, 2014

First off I want to say happy birthday mom!!!! I cant believe luna got your cake!! hahaha! It’s funny though! It’s been raining a lot here this week. We got to watch the Christmas devotional live this week, it was awesome! I've also became friends with the cook. he's a cool guy and my companion and I talk with him every time we walk by. The most exciting thing that happened this week was that we went proselyting! So, they took us on a bus to this poor ghetto part of town and pretty much said go for it! haha! so my companion and I start walking looking for people to teach and for the first 30 minutes absolutely no one wanted to talk to us! We were getting down but we said a prayer and we found this lady that we started talking to and at first she was terrified of us but we smiled and got to know her and told her about the book of mormon and she accepted it and said she would read it! So the next lady we talked to was a super cool and nice lady and she was very interested. She felt lonely because she didn't have family in Bogota and she wanted all the information about the church so she can go to church! It was awesome! And she accepted a book of mormon also! The last lady we had success with had us walk and talk with her for 2 blocks! She was almost impossible to understand but with the spirit to guide us we were able to pick out some stuff and say the right things. She also wanted to read the book of mormon! After we got done talking to her we realized we had no idea where we were! haha! We kept trying to talk to people and we eventually found our way back. As we were walking we saw this dude drop his pants and drop a duce in the road and use the dirty rain water on the road to clean up!! It was nasty but funny at the same time. We were running out of time so we were looking for the church bus to pick us up and this guy wanted to talk to us and we were like, oh cool he's probably interested in the church! Ah, nope. He just starts chewing us out about how our church is wrong and so is every other church ever established! He just kept going on and on and we could not even understand him! We were late at this point and I tried to give him hand outs and leave but he wouldn't touch them. He just kept chewing us out and wouldn't let us leave! So finally he stopped for a second and we were able to end it and go back. haha! It was awesome!
Elder Harding


When president told me about grandpa it hit me hard. I was having trouble finishing the day, but then after I talked with president for a while and he reminded me of the beauty of the plan of salvation, I felt a little better. My district was very supportive and wrote me letters and that helped me a lot. Now I see the beautiful side of it. I cant stop picturing him, with grandma Dianne smiling and being beyond happy. I know you’re okay but i cant help but to worry about you and pray for you. 

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