Sunday, March 6, 2016

"It was a crazy week!"

My companion and I with the mission secretaries.

February 22, 2016

What an interesting week I have had! I almost didn't teach at all.... So what has been going on is that the mission wants to get rid of the lawyer they use for immigration and they plan on having the secretary of the President do it. So the secretary came down to Trinidad to take care of immigration and I asked him if he need help with anything because he has never been to Trinidad. He told me, “No he’s got it.” Then he gets here and had no plan and no idea what to do. Haha! He had 8 missionaries from Riberalta here with him. So we had to run and go take care of everything- get the hotel, plan their breakfast and lunch, transportation, and at night send them out with our zone to go work. It was a crazy week. Once we finally got them taken care of and sent home to Riberalta, and we were waiting for another group from Guayaramerin to come. Then the  secretary got a call and the presidency of the area said we all had to go back to where our own areas are and go on lockdown for three days again.... So what going on here is the people are voting if their president Evo Morales can run for office again. He is already serving four terms and he wants to change the constitution so he can serve a fifth term. The people were going nuts in La Paz and people were even killed. So every missionary in Bolivia went on lock down for three days except my comp and I and the secretary. Haha, we had a bunch of stuff to do for the offices. We had to do our finances for the zone money and later we had to send off the secretary in the airplane. But the first thing we did on the first day of lockdown was to send off the guys from Riberalta to get them back home. So it was a week of running around taking care of things. Haha, but it was all good and fun! 

Elder Harding

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