Saturday, February 13, 2016

"Everyone bonded super well"

After destroying a house 
My first time in President's house. It was so cool!!

January 11, 2016
Hola familia y amigos!!

So this week has been a super good week!! We went to Santa Cruz for a leadership meeting and it was super fast. Haha! We had to fly out literally right after the meeting! It was a super good meeting and we mostly talked about making sure we are teaching the people and not just the lessons. We talked quite a bit about teaching clearly about true repentance and how if we teach this repentance, the people will feel the change in their hearts and baptism will be a result and  not to worry about numbers. The numbers aren't just numbers, they are people we need to be focused on. 

In my area we have a new investigator who has been coming to church with a friend. His name is Elder Jesus. Haha! Yes, his first name is Elder, last name Jesus. He is looking for a way to completely change his life because he said he has felt a lot of pain in his life. He expressed how coming to church has already started to make him feel and see this change happening in his life. He has been prepared by the Lord to receive the gospel and he is feeling so much happier now! And he has a friend in the church! 

So we had a hot dog party with the priesthood because the branch has been super weak with the priesthood holders. This activity was super cool! Everyone that came had their guitars and were playing and singing and eating hot dogs, haha! Everyone bonded super well. After, they sang hymns and shared a message! Now they want to do more activities every month! Next, they will be doing a sport activity! We were so happy we finally got an activity going! We have been pushing it for so long and finally everyone got excited and helped out! 

Things are going really well here in Trinidad. I think this year is the year this branch will change into a ward!! 

-Elder Harding

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